2023 Lightbulbs for Legislators

On March 13th, 2023, the Nevada Institute for Children’s Research & Policy (NICRP), Nevada Afterschool Network (NAN), and Children’s Advocacy Alliance (CAA) hosted the “Lightbulbs for Legislators” event during Education Day at the seventh biennial Children’s Week at the Nevada Legislature.

Lightbulbs for Legislators kicked off the 2023 Children’s Week at the Nevada Legislature. The purpose of Children’s Week is to represent Nevada’s Children and help strengthen families in areas such as school readiness, children’s physical and mental health, and child safety and security.

Each day of Children’s Week had a designated theme related to the overall well-being of Nevada’s children: Children’s Day/Education, Mental Wellness, Physical Wellness, and Safety. Legislators were provided daily handouts from the Nevada Afterschool Network. Each handout connected out-of-school-time to the day’s theme.

Lightbulbs for Legislators Photo Gallery:

With 110 participants throughout the day, Lightbulbs for Legislators during Education Day was a great success!

2023 Children’s Week Handouts: