Program Quality Self Assessment Form

Score as follows for all sections:
1 = Developing
No Evidence of Quality Indicators Being Met
4 = Excelling
Exceeds Program Quality Indicators
2 = Operational
Approaching Program Quality Indicators
0 = DK
Doesn’t Know
3 = Advancing
Meets Program Quality Indicators
0 = NA
Not Applicable
Grading Total Program Quality Self-Assessment Score:
≤ 68 Developing 69 – 136 Operational 137 – 204 Advancing 205 – 272 Excelling
Program Quality Self Assessment Tool
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Category 1. Youth Development & Social Emotional Learning

Section A. Quality programs develop, nurture, and maintain positive relationships and interactions among staff, participants, families, and community.
Category 1 Section A
1-A1. Staff respects and communicates with one another and models positive adult relationships.
1-A2. Staff interacts with families in a comfortable and welcoming manner.
1-A3. Staff communicates with families concerning the wellbeing of the children & youth.
1-A4. Staff partners with schools and other agencies to coordinate services which benefit children & youth.
1-A5. Staff interacts and responds appropriately to the individual needs of children & youth with acceptance and appreciation.
1-A6. Staff uses positive guidance techniques with children & youth.
1-A7. Staff creates an environment where children & youth feel emotionally and physically safe and are able to receive support from a caring adult.
1-A8. Staff is actively engaged with children & youth throughout program time.
1-A9. Staff creates an environment where children & youth can feel welcome and comfortable.