About Membership

By applying as a new member, you’re joining a network of youth workers just like you from across the state who are committed to supporting our mission to empower afterschool programs and provide quality education to our youth.

Benefits to being a Member include:

  • New Member Welcome Kit
  • Members Only Sharing Forums
  • Access to our Afterschool Locker
  • Access to our Online Learning Academy
  • Access to Free and Discounted Professional Development

Who should join NAN?

  • Frontline staff and educators working with youth in various settings, including private for-profit organizations, community-based nonprofits, etc.
  • Administrative staff collaborating with youth workers to engage in collaborative efforts to establish beneficial connections with other professionals, and exchange knowledge and experiences for the purpose of providing optimal support and leadership.
  • Civic leaders and business owners interested in supporting their community and fostering the next generation of leaders.
  • Parents and caregivers who are interested in fun and engaging activities for shared learning opportunities at home, and in the community.
  • Advocates of young people and initiatives focused on them strive to foster meaningful and enriching opportunities that shape tomorrow.