Distance Learning

Community Learning Hubs

When COVID began sweeping the country, afterschool programs and youth development organizations pioneered a new operating model to allow them to safely open their doors to all children: Community Learning Hubs.

Community Learning Hubs leverage facilities and partnerships to offer accessible locations where young people can connect to school, meals, caring adults, socially distanced enrichment, and much more. Hubs build on and expand the work of afterschool programs to operate all day long and accommodate students whose schools are on hybrid or all-virtual schedules.

Community Learning Hubs: Meeting the Needs of Students & Families can help programs launch their own Hubs, taking inspiration and lessons learned from 32 out-of-school time practitioners running Hubs right now.

Created in partnership with the National League of Cities and with the financial support of the Charles Koch Institute, our report builds on the foundation outlined in the report, “Building Community Learning Hubs.